Holcim is one of the Worlds largest building materials producers. They have 1750 operations worldwide on every continent and employ around 75,000 direct employees. The company's products include cement, clinker, concrete, lime, and aggregates. Safety Coaching worked directly with the CAPEX and OH&S teams at their Headquarters in Holderbank and Zurich, Switzerland and have directly assisted projects in India, Brazil and Russia.

Safety Coaching assisted the Senior and Operational management teams by:-

  • Evaluating how the company works with their sub-contractors on the construction of new cement plants, including how we engage, collaborate and share learnings,
  • Coaching senior and site management personnel in global Occupational Health and Safety standards, including practical site based application, implementation and monitoring,
  • Providing coaching and mentoring to Project Management and CAPEX personnel on behavioural safety techniques in order to influence workplace behaviours to establish Holcim as an industry leader in the construction of new building materials facilities,
  • Working with designers, contractors and project management personnel to recognise the importance of safety during the design, construction, commissioning and operational phases,
  • Providing personal coaching to Senior Management personnel in techniques to influence the safety performance of their direct reports and the project management team.


Safety Coaching developed a comprehensive program for improving construction safety in large construction projects, where we typically employ up to 3,000 workers. Participants from all over the world (Switzerland, India, Brazil, Russia, US, Ecuador, Indonesia) are implementing the practical, hands on concepts to improve our construction safety track record. Rob has also a wide range of personal competencies that make him very much appreciated everywhere he goes. I would definitely recommend Rob to those seeking a professional, passionate and engaging safety coach.

Roberto Nores, Head of CAPEX PMO, Holcim Group


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